The principles in setting the priorities of your vision

the principles in setting the priorities of your vision

The principles in setting the priorities of your vision

If you want to be successful in life you must set priority for yourself in relation to your vision.your priority will help you accomplished your dream because priorities are the keys to effective decision making.

You can tell the kind of life you are going to have in the feature by the decision you make today.yes and no are the most powerful words you will ever say, and God wants you to be able to say it with precision because they will determine your destiny.

When people don’t succeed in their visions, it’s often because they don’t understand that prioritizing creates useful limits on their choices.
you have to determine what’s beneficial, and you have to define what’s beneficial based on the need of your vision.

The only thing that should Master you are things that will take you to your goal, once you are certain of where you are meant to go in life and have truly committed to it:

Than many extraneous things in your life will fall away on their own.
your vision itself decides what is good for you. You don’t just do good things. But things that are good for your vision. Your greater challenge is not in choosing between good and bad but between what’s good and best

Writing by Rev: Joseph Eghaghe

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