RIPAN to begin sale of rice at N13,300 per bag

RIPAN to begin sale of rice at N13,300 per bag

Finally, the RIPAN (Rice Processors Association of Nigeria) on Thursday made a desition about reducing the price of rice, said the association has agreed to sell rice for between N13,300 and N14,000 per bag.

The RIPAN association also show their full support about the Federal Government’s closing of the land border with the Benin Republic and other neighboring countries.

Mohammed Maifata who is the current President of RIPAN said this during a chat with journalists in Abuja. He said, “We are not going to take advantage of the border closure for ourselves by hiking the price of rice.

“As such, we all agreed that we are going to sell our rice from now on at N13, 300 minimum and maximum, because, for some, their location is very far from the paddy and so very difficult for them to operate — but upon that, there is no Nigerian rice that will be sold above N14, 000 at factory.

This is the commitment we made to government and we are determined and we are willing to keep to our words God willing. Any contrary activities is not from us as we expect saboteurs to take advantage of the situation. But we assure you that this will be our price.”

He commended the Nigeria Customs Service for its current fight against the smuggling of the commodity and called on various security agencies who are mandated by the current directive to intensify the fight to check the various porous borders.

Maifata said the move was needed to address the rising case of rice smuggling into Nigeria from neighboring countries. It described the border closure as “long overdue,” noting that it was done in the best interest of the economy.

The association said the action of the government had suddenly returned life to the rice value chain, as the hitherto subdued mills have resumed operations within one week of the border closure.

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