I’ve never visited Dubai, protest not a coup -Sowore

I’ve never visited Dubai, protest not a coup -Sowore current news in nigeria

The Presidential candidate of AAC during the last 2019 general election, Omoyele Sowore, disputed the allegation leveled against him by the Department of State Security Services that he had serval meeting with several “foreign collaborators” in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries, to strategize on how to tackle President Muhammadu Buhari’s government. current news in Nigeria

Sowore denied the agency’s allegation that he had never been to Dubai and he did not receive any money from the alleged collaborators at the meetings to sponsor widespread attacks on Nigeria.

Sowore, the founder of Sahara Reporters and a presidential candidate in the last election, said contrary to the DSS’s claims, he had never visited Dubai or any of the UAE cities.

He said he had never received any money from any person or organizations for the purpose of toppling the government, adding that had willingly provided his local and foreign banks’ account details to the DSS.

He also said he never planned a coup as claimed by the DSS, but only mobilized Nigerians “to address the crises of corruption, maladministration, mismanagement of the economy and insecurity”.

The activist, who has been in the DSS custody since August 2, 2019, made the rebuttals in a “further affidavit” filed on Tuesday before the Federal High Court in Abuja in support of his motion challenging the order for his detention which the court issued at the instance of the DSS on August 8, 2019.
The ‘further affidavit’ was deposed to on his behalf by one of his lawyers, Mr. Marshall Abubakar.

Abubakar of Femi Falana’s law firm said Sowore never planned a coup, but “mobilized the Nigerian people including students and youths, workers, market women and other oppressed people to influence the Federal government, the 36 state governments, and 774 local governments to address the crises of corruption and insecurity.”

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