Marry me or I die, Lady faints repeatedly on streets of Lagos

Marry me or I die, Lady faints repeatedly on streets of Lagos

A Nigeria young lady took to the streets of Lagos by creating a public disgrace for herself and her boyfriend by saying that he must marry her if not, she’ll die. Marry me or I die

This is a big disgrace to the womanhood, the boyfriend in question was saying in the video that went viral is it by force to marry. These days ladies are the one proposing to their partners to marry them.

Things have really gone wrong in this present generation that makes me start talking what is going on, I hope one these generation will have to wake up and face reality

In a video that’s vaira on the internet , the lady fainted repeatedly on the busy road purported saying “marry me or I die“.

A young man with his clothes off, believed to be the boyfriend was heard crying, this girl to land me into trouble or problem, what’s all this na, which kind scam be this”, as residents and passersby gathered to see what is going on and most the passersby believe that the lady is pretending .

Watch the video below,

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