I killed my wife, man confesses 13 years after her death

I killed my wife, man confesses 13 years after her death

A 37 year old man finally confess to a crime he committed about thirteen years ago ,that is the one responsible for his wife death.the family of of his wife has answers after the husband made this confession to her death exactly 13 years after it occurred.I killed my wife

According to the report giving to us that Keith Comfort, reported his wife got missing in Columbia, Missouri, on Aug. 5, 2006,he claim that he had not seen is wife ,according to court documents obtained by KMIZ, Megan Shultz had been considered missing for the last 13 years.I killed my wife

On Sunday, Comfort went to Lake Geneva Police Department in Wisconsin and made a confession of killing his wife, Megan Shultz , on August 4, 2006, the police department say She was 24 at the time.

Debra Shultz, said “I knew he had killed her, but I couldn’t prove it,” the victim’s mother, , according to the Missourian.

This is Comfort confession

Comfort told officers that he’d been at work when Shultz called him “in hysterics” after a botched drug deal, according to documents. He said a colleague gave him a ride home where Shultz was “frantic, yelling and ‘swinging’ her arms at him,” the probable cause document says.

Comfort grabbed his wife and wrestled her to the ground before strangling her, according to documents.

He put her in a garbage bag when he realized she wasn’t breathing and threw the bag into the apartment complex’s shared dumpster.

A missing person’s report was filed the next day, according to the documents.

At the time, Comfort sported a round bruise and a scratch on his bicep which he told officers he received during their argument, documents show.

Three weeks after filing the report, Comfort filed for divorce, the Missourian reported.

Comfort has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held on $1 million cash bond, KMIZ reported.

“All cases are unique, one way or another. The circumstances where you have someone come into a police station and accept responsibility 13 years later, yes … that is unusual,” Dan Knight, Boone County, MO, prosecuting attorney said, according to WKOW.

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