Mike Bamiloye’s son for speak against a trending movie title Lucifer”


The son of the famous filmmaker Mike Bamiloye’ as criticize the mobile title Lucifer he said that the devil is using it as a way to bring people to his kingdom. that is not good for christian to wash this movie

There’s a show Called LUCIFER Azin(as in) the devil o lol. And you, Knowing how captivating foreign series can be, You still watch. Now you LOVE the character; Lucifer, Like Jack Bauer. And somehow you think, the devil isn’t winning your soul over…

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series by Tom Kapinos that premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016. It revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles where he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LAPD.

See some people reacted to Joshua Bamiloye’s tweets.
@TheFavouredWoman wrote: Your dad’s poorly researched, badly scripted and low budget attempt at movies didn’t do Christianity any favours either.

Y’all basically scarred people for life.

@khamsObaje: Abegi! It’s not that deep. I guess you haven’t seen a single episode of the show. Depending on what content you desire on TV, I find it entertaining. Anyone who’s gonna admire and idolize the devil will do it unaided, not from watching LUCIFER abeg.

@SeunnlaAdelusi: Lucifer means “Bearer of Light”

We mustn’t attach too much to simple series

@NeneEugene: It’s not that deep. If you can’t separate TV characters from real life you have a problem. Just because I like and support vampires on screen doesn’t mean I will also like people that drink blood in real life and claim they are vampires.

@UkwuChisom wrote: Lmao. Okay. I hope Netflix gives us a season 5. That one is your problem

@MysteryEcra wrote: Have u seen a single episode of that series? Abeg the devil isn’t winning anyone’s soul

@AimLEGEND: Lol. Lucifer is far a better show than Ayamamtanga would ever be. In fact, they shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. And for the records… I f#%cking love it. I call him ‘Luce’ by the way.

Oshi. Rada rada.

@Yxclusive wrote: Ayamantaga like all other mount Zion movies scarred me for a very long time. My grandma loved watching them.

My future children will never be exposed to any type of horror movie till they’re of age to me & I will tell them it’s just a funny unreal movie.


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