Two Nigerians charged with ‘fraud in Singapore knows as Yahoo Yahoo here in Nigeria


Two Nigerian men believed to be members of a web love scam syndicate were charged in Singapore nowadays with recruiting native ladies to gather cash for them.

According the police, such scams wherever victims spare money when a fraudster feigns romantic interest in them, square measure a growing concern within the city-state with police coverage 660 cases last year.

The Nigerians known in native news reports as Oladayo Opeyemi Awolola, 34, and Gbolahan Ayobami Awolola, thirty seven were in remission by Malaysian authorities in national capital last month and sent to Singapore on Monday.

the boys allegedly recruited 2 Singaporean ladies “as cash mules to receive criminal yield connected to web love scams in Singapore” between 2017 and 2018, in step with a police statement. the ladies received Sg$85,700 ($63,000) throughout that amount and turned the money over to syndicate members in Malaya, police aforementioned.

This two Nigerians could be jailed for up to five years each and fined if found guilty of the crime . It is the first time that suspects based overseas and involved in internet love scams have been arrested and sent to Singapore for prosecution, police said.

Most of the internet love scams reported last year in the city-state involved fraudsters claiming to have sent parcels containing luxury items or money. Their local accomplices would call the “recipients” and claim the parcels were being held by the authorities for inspection, and would only be released if they transferred money to a bank account.


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