16year-Old Nigerian Lady Cries Out Allegation Peruzzi Raped Her


The Nigerian singer and song writer Peruzzi ,a 16 years old girl made an allegation that she was raped by Peruzzi.

She said that she got a message from Peruzzi via Instagram to come and see him and she was very happy that a celebrity ask her to come meet with him, according to her she said the place she went to meet the singer is in hotel called continental hotel in Lagos
She is identified as @adanna134 on twitter and she clamid that after the rape the artist gave five thousand Naira to take a taxi home

Here is the full story below

Last year December, I got a dm from him. As a 16-year-old girl, I was very happy and gassed that a celebrity messaged me on Instagram. He said “hey beautiful “ I showed all my friends round and I was feeling very fly because a celeb texted me little did I know.

He messaged me. I waited for about an hour before I replied so I could form class. He said a lot of cute things to me and asked for my number. Of which I gave him and he texted me on WhatsApp with his number and even said he will call later

Told me about how he has shows to attend and all. Around that period was when that video of him and that Tobi girl leaked. So I brought it up in our conversation and he was like she’s a hoe and she was just a one night stand.

Fast forward to January. Perruzi asked me to come and meet him at the Lagos continental hotel of which I came to. When I got there I saw all those dmw guys and all but I just went to the room that he got I didn’t feel comfortable and my feet were cold. Because why will I be in a room with a twenty-something-year-old man. I thought we invited me for dinner( and he told me to come alone) I didn’t know that it was to go and chill in his room.

He enters the room by like past 12 and starts to touch me by my waist. I felt uncomfortable and somehow. And I told him to stop that I came here to talk and not to be in a room with him. He started rubbing my thighs and caressing my boobs.

At this point I was furious. I walked away and I went to sit down. Then perruzi turned around and filled the glass with wine. Handed one to me and he held one. Told me to drink mine I needed something to drink to clear my mind and make me relax so I did.

That was how I blacked out. I don’t remember anything after that. The next morning. I wake up, blood on my vagina and on the bed and I see 5 thousand naira next to me and get text saying that I should use it for uber

I was Raped by Peruzzi @ConsentWorkshop pls come to my aids he raped me and left me hanging just like that


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