Boy kills His Own mother over late father’s ‘invisibility’ charm


The proof before this court, the prosecution has proved on the far side cheap doubt that you just, Adau, remorselessly took the lifetime of is own mother.
Agugu, once killing his mother, removed N20,000 from her blood-soaked garments and used it to shop for a transportable, a shirt and a try of slippers.

Agugu same he killed the lady as a result of she refused to convey him a charm that was his inheritance from his father.

“When i used to be fourteen years previous, my late father, WHO was a native doctor, showed American state a charm that enabled him to disappear and re-emerge at can.

He secure to relinquishing the charm to American state after I flip eighteen. “On his death bed four years past, he gave my mother the charm and asked her to convey American state after I flip eighteen. however i’m currently over eighteen and she or he has refused to convey it to American state.

“On this fateful day at the farm, I asked her concerning it, however she vulnerable to throw the charm into the watercourse if I disturbed her an excessive amount of. “Her response angry American state and that i suddenly felt she was of no worth to American state as a mother. I now slaughtered her with the knife i used to be exploitation to reap potatoes. once slaughtering her, I drop her body within the bush.”

Mr. David Adau, senior brother to the suspect, has, however, unemployed the suspect’s claim that he killed the mother due to a charm. in line with him, “prior to the incident, the family had long-faced many issues with Agugu.

He was keen on stealing and inflicting bother. “I believe he killed our mother due to the N20,000 I gave her each day before the incident. I work on the mines in Barkin-Ladi and frequently provide my earnings to our mother to stay on behalf of me. “I bimanual over the cash to my mother in his presence. In fact, after I gave her the cash, she expressed concern that Agugu might attack her to urge the cash.

Later in the day, I saw him with a new mobile phone, a new shirt and slippers, and I became suspicious. “I asked him (suspect) where he got them from, but he could not give me satisfactory answers. Other family members joined me and we kept pestering him over our mother, but he insisted he knew nothing. “Three days later, I invited the Police to question my brother.

That worked immediately as he confessed to killing her.” David said the suspect later led family members and the Police to the farm where they saw the decomposing corpse of the woman. Counsel to the convict, Mr. David Adudu, of the Legal Aid Council, said the punishment of the convict was mandatory, adding that they will get a copy of the judgment, study same and raise possible grounds for an appeal


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