British Goverment confirms INEC results as authentic


The United `kingdom Government has confirmed that the results of the presidential election as released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was 100% correct.

Harriet Baldwin, the Secretary of State of Great Britain, said that the results were consistent with the results of a civil vote. “Thanks to international partners, Britain believes that Nigerians can trust the results,” he said. Prime Minister Mahmoud Yakubu said on February 23 that President Muhammad Bukhari won 15,191,847 votes on Wednesday morning. Its main rival, the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar (NDP), received a ticket in the amount of 11,226,978 people.

But the NDP agent at the conference center refused to sign the results, and Atiku said that he would reject this decision and challenge the court. On Wednesday, Atikou’s press conference increased her resistance by finding answers to “statistical inability” questions in several Nigerian countries. The statement of the Secretary of State is the first INEC review. Baldwin noted President Mohammed Boukhari as president of his second term. He marks his second term as president of Nigeria, said Abuja, the British High Commissioner.

“Britain is a longtime friend and partner of the Nigerian and Nigerian people, and Nigeria benefits a stable and prosperous Africa and the world.”

However, Nigeria expressed concern about the implementation of the electoral process, especially with regard to logistical comparisons and results, as well as reports of voter blackmail. The Registrar peacefully requests this through appropriate legal channels to all parties or individuals who wish to challenge the proceedings. “We urge the Nigerian authorities to carefully consider all complaints and take appropriate measures for those who seem to be responsible.”

She also condoled with the families and friends of those who lost their lives in election-related violence.

No one should die in the exercise of their democratic rights,” she stated.

She reiterated the continued support of the UK Government to Nigeria and its civil society “in drawing lessons from these elections and strengthening its democracy”.


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