PDP Presidencal Candidate Atiku presents Six Point Demand To Buhari


Alh Atibu Abubakar submitted six federal applications to the federal government, and the biggest requirement is to withdraw bank accounts from opposition politicians. Another key agreement of the former head of state and chairman of the State Peace Committee, Abdulsalam Abubakar (rtd), was the disarmament of the next election.

General Abukaka last night met the committee members with Abuja, Atiku and his assistant Peter Obi.

The NPC is expected to meet President Muhammadu Buhari government with the demands .

Other demands by Atiku were:

*That accreditation of voters should take place before voting in subsequent elections. *

That there should be no deployment of the military in subsequent elections.

  • That INEC should open its back end server to all participating parties.

*That there should be a release of all politicians detained illegally by FG.
INEC plans to disenfranchise 20m Igbo voters, S-East group alleges

Sources at the meeting said that the atiku was “warned that a voltage is forming.” Atiku and his team told the group that the February 23 elections were the worst after 20 years of democratic government. It is characterized by wrinkles without taking into account the will of the people. They refer to the following questions as questions in the Presidential Study:
Deployment of the military was unconstitutional and in breach of Supreme Court judgement.

*That resultantly, a lot of malpractices between the INEC officers, the ruling party and the military took place to undermine the votes/voters of the PDP.

*That there was collaboration between INEC and FG to undermine the sanctity of the votes of the people.

*That this is the worst election in 20 years. No improvement from 2015. It was learnt that Gen. Abdusalam and his team pleaded with the PDP flag bearer to avoid anything that could jeopardise the nation’s peaceful co-existence.


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